More than your token mixed girl.

My name is LJ and I’m a fantasy novelist and blog writer. I graduated with a B.F.A. in performing arts (theatre emphasis) from SCAD University for Creative Careers and am now pursuing an even bigger passion–writing! ❤ I hope to publish my first novel, Percival, by the end of 2021. (And then start on the next one!)

I’m a dog-lover, a former Disney cast member (in other words, I love Disney), a tea-enthusiast, and a lover of all things British history. I have a podcast about Arthurian legend called “Of Swords and Magic” (available on Apple Podcasts, Podomatic and SoundCloud), in case any of my friends ever had a doubt of my love for King Arthur. Oh, and Spider-Man is everything.

I currently reside in New Jersey and look forward to furthering my career in New York City- or, hopefully, New England- in the near future. Updates to come!

For more info on my Arthurian work/research, follow my blog at www.ofswordsandmagic.com or follow me on Instagram @ofswordsandmagic.podcast.

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