Beautifully Blended

A mixed girl’s guide to fun and self-love.

Beauty Tips

This blog will have beauty/health tips for those whose hair and skin are sliiiightly harder to tailor to. Hair care, makeup, relaxation, physical and mental health…the works!


I’ll share family recipes that I treasure, and that I hope to pass on! Everything from soul food, to Italian, to Irish cuisine.

Joys & Challenges

A walk down the road of the many joys and challenges of being mixed. I want to raise an awareness of the hardships and a reminder of the true, unique pleasures.

“Love yourself first and everything else falls into line.”

Lucille Ball

This is a place for multiracial and multiethnic people to discover new ways to connect with and embrace their beautiful selves! It’s also a place openly welcome for those of singular race/ethnicity to come for education, or simply to have a good time!

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